I am not religious

Since I have been in Peru, I have met a lot of people and they all ask why did I come to Peru and I have no other answer but God (how do you explain to someone who does not believe in God, that I left everything I knew to follow God, that He called me to be here). They usually respond with some thing about how I must be very religious to do that… I am not religious! Religion would me coming because I felt obligated to come or because I thought by doing this maybe God could love me more, or maybe I will get into heaven if I go to Peru for God. That is just it Gods love for me is not based on what I do or not do for Him, there is nothing that could possibly separate me from the love that God has for me. It is only be grace I am going to Heaven, which I can say with complete confidence, because I made the confession that Jesus is Lord (Romans 10:9) it is only by grace that I will spend eternity in His presence and your works can’t change that, it’s all about grace His grace! & because of all of that I can’t help but fall more in love with Him.
You see it’s not about religion at all, it’s a personal, intimate relationship with my Creator that I would not change for anything in this world. In other religions people need to go through someone who is more “holy” or more “spiritual” than them, or have to complete rituals to be able to make their requests known to their gods… that is not my God! My God loves when I come to Him, I can talk to Him whenever I want, just me and Him! My God knows me by name. My God sees me, He hears me. He loves me despite it all, all the times I rejected Him, denied there was a God, all the times I crucified Him again with my words and actions it did not for one second effect His love towards me. He still pursued
me and no matter how hard I tried to run in the opposite direction, when I finally hit rock bottom, feeling so hopeless and alone, He was there… waiting for me with His arms wide open, no condemnation no guilt just grace. That was the night I rededicated my life to Jesus & nothing has been the same since. There is nothing like having your own personal relationship with Jesus. That does not mean I never make mistakes, more often than not I mess up. But God is a God of never ending grace & I am so excited to live this life full out for Him and becoming the women of God I know He called me to be!

I am not religious, I am just so in love!!

The same hands that created all of this, created you & I … what a BEAUTIFUL GOD! (Taken with instagram)

The same hands that created all of this, created you & I … what a BEAUTIFUL GOD! (Taken with instagram)

Quick thought

Finally Here

So I am finally here! It is absolutly nothing like what I expected, even though I really had no idea what to expect. It is beyond beautiful. So I flew all day Wednesday and landed in Peru 12 30. It was amazing to see all the provision God had already given me even before I landed in Peru, everyone I sat next to on all my flights or people I met in the airport were all Christians, or wanted to know what kind of God i was willing to go all the way to Peru for. I got a lot of contacts just from the airport from missionaries and a attorny and other people who were willing to help me. I got picked up from the aiport by Pastor Christian & Keny, praise God Keny can speak english, that helped a lot! We went straight to the orphanage (they like to call it a home, and say they want it to be as much like a home as they can, so thats what I will call it too) and everyone was already asleep so they took me to where I will be staying, & not only do I have my own room its a whole little apartment in a building off to the side that has a kitchen a living area, and a bedroom and a bathroom! Which is so crazy its way bigger than my room at home haha but it´s amazing God is so good. He truly is just showing me how much he wants to provide for me and how he is more than able to do it. I seem to always limit God but he still always tears off the limit and blows my mind.

I got to meet everyone last night there are 26 kids that stay here from all ages i think from 1 to 21, they are all so nice and very loving and more than anything just want to be around you. Also very affectionate and love hugs and just kiss my arms and my checks and desire so much to talk to me. I really wish I payed more attention in Spanish class now, but thankfully they all want to help me and are teaching me, and want help to learn english.

Last night Keny took me to the store to get some water for me to drink and anything else I wanted, and he asked what are my passions and what do I see myself going, and I told him I have no idea where I see myself going, because I didnt see myself going to Peru but more so taking steps of obedience to where God calls me but I have a passion for this generation of girls to young ladies and their hearts. He said I was in the perfect place because these girls really need someone to talk to and he trys to talk to them but its hard because he doesnt understand girls, haha most people dont but so thankful that I am where I need to be. & I am really trying to learn spanish the faster I can the more I can talk to them and get to know them!

I woke up at 4 45 this morning to wake up the girls and every morning they have chores, get ready, breakfast, and devotional time. then go to school to 6 oclock. & soon I am leaving to go take their lunches to their school and see where they spend their day. So that is about it for now but to sum it all up God is so good!

Thoughts before Peru

Let my faith be greater than my fear.

I am about to take the biggest step of faith that I have ever taken in my life, and follow God to Peru. I really do not know why God is calling me to Peru or the purpose behind me going but I do know if God wants me there that is the safest and greatest place for me to be. I would love to share this journey with you guys as I am taken completely out of my comfort zone and as my faith is stretched further than I ever believe it good have been.

 ”God does not call us to be comfortable. He calls us to trust him so completely that we are unafraid to put ourselves in situations where we will be in trouble if he doesn’t come through.” -Francis chann